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Uctumi is a chiptune musician from Argentina who began composing tracked music in 1996. He's a member of the argentine demoscene group PVM, the renowed Commodore 64 cracking / demoscene group Hokuto Force and more recently joined the new demogroup LIA.
Translating feeling and emotion into otherwise cold and structured electronic music has been his moto over the years, which is why his compositions are melodic and harmonic but without being afraid of experimenting. He also strives for a simplicity of resources and not overcomplicating the production of his tracks. "Low budget electronic music" but wihout losing quality could be a good description of his approach.

Uctumi is currently releasing many tunes every year for Commodore 64 but also for Amiga and PC trackers.
His albums can be purchased and downloaded at
You can also find him on twitter and facebook and instagram.