"Eucalyptus" at Multimatograf 2018

Eucalyptus is a track I composed for Multimatograf 2018's multichannel music compo under 64kb and it was awarded 1st place!
Find youtube video below and download MP3 and Impulse tracker file here.

Soundtrack for C64 version of Digger

I worked on the soundtrack of this game by Hokuto Monastery which is a version of digger for C64. my work consisted oinmaking improved versions of the songs of the game, including the famous tune Popcorn and the overture to William Tell, in addition to an end-game song and sound effects. Game download  here.
Digger Game for C64

"Cheerful to the bone" winner at Forever

The demo Cheerful to the bone won the C64 demo compo at Forever Party 2018 in Slovakia.
The demo was coded by Gorgh, with graphics by Alias Medron and music composed by Uctumi.
I made an alternative version of the music track called "Everywhere I Go" which I entered in the C64 music compo.
Find the video capture below and download the demo clicking here.

C64 tune "Everywhere I Go" awarded at Forever

Introducing my new C64 tune called "Everywhere I Go". It's a pop track I composed originally for the Cheerful to the bone demo, then I adapted it for a shorter playtime and to be played on the 8580 SID chip only, which allowed me to improve the sound quality. Thank's to the suggestion by E$G of Hokuto Force, I entered it at the C64 music compo and it was awarded 1st place!
Find the video capture below and download the SID file clicking here.