Uctumi is a musician from Argentina who began composing tracked music in 1996. He released mostly Fasttracker II tunes until 2003, year in which he took a hiatus to continue his university studies and work. In 2015 he was approached by former members of the argentine demoscene, arlequin and octavo to contribute in a new PC demo they were working on. They decided to not only just make a demo but also reunite demosceners from the 90's in their country, to re-live the legendary group PVM (Pungas de Villa Martelli). Thus they approached acidbrain, another former scener, who was planning on starting Commodore 64 productions. Uctumi found that intriguing and began exploring SID sound and trackers.
He also became member of the renowed Commodore 64 cracking / demoscene group Hokuto Force.
Uctumi is currently releasing many tunes every year for Commodore 64 but also for Amiga and PC trackers. He's also released an album with full-CD quality sequencer tracks called "Helicoid", some of which are remixes of his C64, Amiga and PC tracker tunes.
The album can be purchased and downloaded at http://uctumi.bandcamp.com
You can also find him in twitter and facebook